Diogenes’ Barrel

Hello there.

This is @nehbit here, and you’ve found my little corner of the Internet.

I am a product designer. I have spent several years in Google (YouTube) as a UX designer working on AdWords, then at Facebook, similarly in product design. I’m also a software engineer; I have built the front-end of Aether in Vue.js, Typescript, its backend P2P network and native app in Go, gRPC and Electron. See Github.

I’ve since then built a decentralised, peer to peer network called Aether, and then turned it into a venture-backed company and a hosted SaaS for private, online communities.

I’m currently a co-founder and the “Chief Executive Officer” of Aether.

You can reach out to me at burak at nehbit dot net. If you are reaching out about Aether, founders at getaether dot net might get you a faster response.

I’m usually located somewhere in Silicon Valley, west coast USA, but also occasionally in Europe, primarily, Turkey.

If you’d like to request a resume or a portfolio, feel free to reach out via email. This site is named after Diogenes of Sinope, my compatriot and citizen, a person of many talents, illustrous barrel-dweller and hurler of hurtful words towards Alexander of Macedon.